Jeffrey Osborne TV Show Appearances

Jeffrey Osborne made 39 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
In Performance At the White House 1990-3 Don't You Get So Mad/All the Way
Songwriter's Hall Of Fame 20th Anniversary 1989
Pat Sajak Show 1989-5-16
Pat Sajak Show 1989-2-27
Tonight Show 1989-1-9
NAACP Image Awards 1988-12
Soul Train 1988-11-5 She's on the Left/You Can't Go Back on a Promise
1987 Power Hits: New Year's Eve Countdown 1987-12-31
Great Performances 1987-10-16
Tonight Show 1987-8-5 Love Power (with Dionne Warwick)
Tonight Show 1987-4-2 Stay With Me Tonight/On the Wings of Love
American Bandstand 1986-7-19 You Should Be Mine (video)
Visions 1986-9-28 Interview/Don't Stop
Late Show Starring Joan Rivers 1986-10-28 You Should Be Mine/Interview
American Music Awards 1985-1-22 Presenter
Grammy Awards 1985-2-26
Solid Gold 1985-6-15
Top Of the Pops 1984-7-26 On the Wings of Love
Top Of the Pops 1984-8-9 On the Wings of Love
Soul Train 1984-10-6 The Last Time I Made Love/Don't Stop/The Borderlines
Soul Train 1984-10-27 Don't Stop/The Borderlines
Top Of the Pops 1984-5-10 Stay with Me Tonight
Tube 1984-4-13
Soul Train 1984-4-7 We're Going All the Way
TopPop 1983-1-1 We’re Going All the Way
Tonight Show 1983-12-30
Soul Train 1983-10-29 Don't You Get So Mad/Stay with Me Tonight
Soul Train 1983-9-24 Stay with Me Tonight/Baby
American Bandstand 1983-8-27 Don't You Get So Mad/Stay with Me Tonight
Soul Train 1983-4-9 Stay with Me Tonight
American Bandstand 1983-2-19 On the Wings of Love/Eenie Meenie
Soul Train 1982-9-25 On the Wings of Love/Really Don't Need No Light
Soul Train 1982-7-10 I Really Don't Need No Light/Baby
Arsenio Hall She's on the Left
Arsenio Hall Can't Go Back On a Promise
Dionne & Friends Stay With Me Tonight/On the Wings of Love/Take Good Care of You and Me
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Night Tracks Interview on being a sex symbol
Inside Track Interview on You Should Be Mine