Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson signed with A&M Records in 1984.

"I'm going to give A&M more than their money's worth....It was important that I do my own album, because I felt that no one--like an outside producer--could produce Jesse like Jesse. A&M has been great about the whole thing."--Jesse Johnson

JWJ Productions had a deal with A&M Records. Johnson recorded through JWJ for A&M and also produced other JWJ artists for A&M.

"I designed [the "Be Your Man"] video to make you want to see me live. I wasn't interested in a lot of video effects or dressing up. If you want more, come see the show." "I wanted to save [my lead guitar] for the live show. It's strange, but guitar is boring for me unless I'm onstage."

Shockadelica 1986 A&R Presentation

  1. Big Push for Jesse Johnson. Steven Ivory. Billboard, February 23, 1985.
Recording Years / Label
1985-1989 -  A&M Records
guitar, vocals

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