Wanna Play Your Game - Joyce Kennedy

Stock Number
395 073
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Too Much Smoke (Not Enuff Fire) 00:05:11
2 Do Me Right 00:04:43
3 Activate My Love 00:04:47
4 Never Let a Night Go By 00:03:42
5 Hold On (For Love's Sake) 00:00:00
6 Let Me Know (If Love's On Your Mind 00:03:56
7 Oh 00:04:58
8 Wanna Play Your Game 00:04:34
Credit Sort descending Role
Barney Perkins engineer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Curtis Bosworth guitar
David Boruff sax
Dion Murdock drums
Dolette McDonald background vocal
Doreen Dorion coordination
Freddie Washington arranger
Freddie Washington bass
Freddie Washington producer
Gary Chang programming
Gary Taylor background vocal
Gary Taylor keyboards
Gary Taylor producer
Gina Haire background vocal
Glenn Murdock arranger
Glenn Murdock background vocal
Glenn Murdock mix
Glenn Murdock producer
Jeffrey Osborne producer
Jimmy Bralwoer drums
Jocelyn Brown background vocal
John Jellybean Benitez arranger
John Jellybean Benitez producer
John Putnam guitar
Joyce Kennedy background vocal
Joyce Kennedy vocal
Khaliq Glover second engineer
Lynn Robb design
Mark Cobrin assistant engineer
Matt Brady assistant engineer
Michael Hutchinson engineer
Michael Hutchinson mix
Michael Sembello guitar
Michael Thompson guitar
Mitch Gibson engineer
Murry Dvorkin second engineer
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Peggy McCreary engineer
Peggy McCreary mix
Philip Dixon photography
Portia Griffin background vocal
Raymond Jones arranger
Raymond Jones keyboards
Raymond Jones producer
Rob Mounsey arranger
Rob Mounsey piano
Rob Mounsey synthesizer
Robbie Bookins drums
Roy Galloway background vocal
Sharon Rice second engineer
Siedah Garrett background vocal
Skip Saylor engineer
Skip Saylor mix
Stephen Bray arranger
Stephen Bray drums
Stephen Bray synthesizer
Stephen Shelton second engineer
Steve Ferrone drums
Steve Williams keyboards
Steve Williams programming
T. C. Campbell keyboards
T. C. Campbell synthesizer
Thaddeus Edwards production assistant
Tina Baker background vocal
Tom McCauley assistant engineer
Tommy Vicari engineer

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