Journey to Dawn - Milton Nascimento

Stock Number
SP 4719
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Pablo I, II 00:04:45
2 Idolatrada 00:04:41
3 Unencounter 00:02:49
4 Maria Maria 00:03:08
5 Journey to Dawn 00:03:22
6 O Cio Da Terra 00:03:32
7 Paula & Bebeto 00:03:27
8 Maria Tres Filhos 00:02:34
9 Credo 00:03:37
10 Alouca 00:03:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Adi Moenda vocal
Bell Moenda vocal
Beto Guedes vocal
Bill Kurausch strings
Cafi photography
Carla Frederick assistant engineer
Chuck Findley trombone
Chuck Findley trumpet
Dina Moenda vocal
Gayle Levant harp
Hugo Fattoruso piano
Hugo Fattoruso vocal
Jeremy Zatkin engineer
Jim Price arranger
Jim Price producer
Jim Price trombone
Jim Price vocal
John Golden mastering
Junie Osaki design
Lina Moenda vocal
Lo Borges vocal
Lon Price tenor sax
Maria Fatima vocal
Mark Wolfson assistant engineer
Milton Nascimento arranger
Milton Nascimento guitar
Milton Nascimento piano
Milton Nascimento vocal
Nana Vasconcelos percussion
Nana Vasconcelos vocal
Nelson Martins guitar
Nelson Martins vocal
Novelli bass
Novelli vocal
Oscar Castro-Neves vocal
Renato Viola assistant engineer
Roberto da Silva drums
Roberto da Silva vocal
Roland Young art direction
Terry Becker assistant engineer
Vitor Da Silva assistant engineer

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