Doug & the Slugs

In late 1984, Doug & the Slugs and the Ridding Records label signed a contract with A&M Records Canada. By January 1985 the Popaganda album sold over 20,000 copies.

Recording Years / Label
1984-1988 -  A&M Records Canada
1984-1988 -  Ritdong Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Doug Bennett 1984 vocals
John Burton 1984 guitar
Ricky Baker 1984 guitar
Simon Kendall keyboards
Steve Bosley 1984 bass
Wally Watson 1984 drums
Name Birth Death
Doug Bennett 1951-10-31 2004-10-16
John Burton
Ricky Baker
Simon Kendall
Steve Bosley
Wally Watson
Name See associated acts
Doug Bennett Doug Bennett

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