Nazareth TV Show Appearances

Nazareth made 33 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Live Aus dem Alabama 1984-11-19
Rockpalast 1984-11-12 Ruby Tuesday/This Month's Essiah/Party Down/Teenage Nervous/Sweet Little Rock 'n' Rooer/Telegram/Razamanaz/I Want to (Do Everything For You)/Boys In the Band/Beggar's Day/Dream On/Cocaine/May the Sunshine/Love Hurts/This Flight Tonight/Expect No Mercy/Hair of the Dog/Bad Bad Boy/Tush/Rock Me Baby
Vorsicht Musik 1983-8-15 Where Are You Now
Ronny's Pop Show 1983-3-14 Dream On
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-2-21 Dream On
Thommy's Pop Show 1982-11-27 Dream On
Na Sowas! 1982-10-25
Top Of the Pops 1979-2-22 May the Sun Shine
Top Of the Pops 1979-2-1 May the Sun Shine
Sight & Sound In Concert 1978
Top Of the Pops 1978-1-19 Gone Dead Train
Sight & Sound In Concert 1977-12-3
Top Of the Pops 1977-10-13 Love Hurts
Top Of the Pops 1977-9-1 Love Hurts
Musikladen 1976-5-29 Love Hurts
Popscope 1976-3-7 Holy Roller
TopPop 1976-1-17 Love Hurts
Supersonic 1975-10-23 Holy Roller
Supersonic 1975-9-11 Holy Roller
Top Of the Pops 1975-7-3 My White Bicycle
Top Of the Pops 1975-6-19 My White Bicycle
Spotlight 1975-6-15 Miss Misery/This Flight Tonight/Son of a Bitch/Love Hurts
Top Of the Pops 1975-6-5 My White Bicycle
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-5-14
Disco 1974-2-2 This Flight Tonight
Top Of the Pops 1973-5-11 Broken Down Angel
Top Of the Pops 1973-11-8 This Flight Tonight
Top Of the Pops 1973-11-1 This Flight Tonight
Top Of the Pops 1973-10-18 This Flight Tonight
Top Of the Pops 1973-8-3 Bad Bad Boy
Top Of the Pops 1973-7-20 Bad Bad Boy
Old Grey Whistle Test 1973-5-22
Top Of the Pops 1973-5-17 Broken Down Angel