Nazareth Discography

There are 171 releases for Nazareth. Click below for detailed information.


AOR Top Tracks Sampler

Bad Bad Boy/Razamanaz

Best Of Nazareth

Broken Down Angel

Broken Down Angel/Hard Living


Classics Collection Vol. 16

Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll

Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll/No Mean City

Dream On/Take the Rap

Dressed to Kill/Pop the Silo


Expect No Mercy

Gone Dead Train/Kentucky Fried Blues

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits/2XS

Hair Of the Dog

Hair Of the Dog/Holiday

Hair Of the Dog/Too Bad Too Sad

Heart's Grown Cold/Ship Of Dreams

Holiday Ship Of Dreams

Holiday/Ship Of Dreams

Holy Roller

Hot Tracks

I Want to (Do Everything For You)/Good Love

I Want to (Do Everything For You)/I Don't Want to Go On Without You

Lift the Lid/Carry Out Feelings

Loretta/Lift the Lid

Loud 'N' Proud

Loud 'N' Proud/Razamanaz

Love Hurts

Love Hurts/Down

Love Hurts/Hair Of the Dog

Love Hurts/This Flight Tonight

Love Leads to Madness

Love Leads to Madness/Take the Rap

Malice In Wonderland

May the Sunshine/Expect No Mercy

Miss Misery

Morning Dew/Juicy Lucy


No Mean City

Play 'N' the Game

Rags to Riches/All Nite Radio



Razamanaz/Bad Bad Boy

Selections From 'Snaz

Shanghai'd In Shanghai/Sunshine

Shot Me Down/Kentucky Fried Blues


Somebody to Roll/This Flight Tonight

Sound Elixir

Star/Expect No Mercy

The Anthology

The Catch

The Fool Circle

The Very Very Best

This Flight Tonight/Called Her Name

This Flight Tonight/Go Down Fighting

This Flight Tonight/Lift the Lid

This Flight Tonight/Ruby Tuesday

This Flight Tonight/Somebody to Roll

This Flight Tonight/Sunshine

Top Tracks

Whatever You Want Babe/Expect No Mercy

Whiskey Drinkin' Woman