Paris All-Stars

Recording Years / Label
1990 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Dizzy Gillespie trumpet
Hank Jones piano
Jackie McLean sax
Max Roach drums
Milt Jackson vibraphone
Phil Woods sax
Stan Getz sax
Name Birth Death
Dizzy Gillespie 1917-10-21 1993-01-06
Hank Jones 1918-07-31 2010-05-16
Jackie McLean 1931-05-17 2006-03-31
Max Roach 1924-01-10 2007-08-16
Milt Jackson 1923-01-01 1999-10-09
Phil Woods 1931-11-02 2015-11-02
Stan Getz 1927-02-02 1991-06-06

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