Whales Alive - Paul Winter/Paul Halley

Stock Number
LD 0013
Windham Hill Records
CD album.
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Burke assistant engineer
Bill Kipper mastering
Bob Cato design
Bob Talbot photography
Chris Brown engineer
Chris Brown mix
Connie Kieltyka assistant engineer
David Darling cello
Eugene Friesen cello
Evan Jones assistant engineer
Gary King bass
Glen Kolotkin mix
Glenn Berger engineer
Jim Scott guitar
John Guth guitar
John Harris assistant engineer
Laudir de Oliveira drums
Leonard Nimoy vocal
Les Kahn edit
Mark Shane assistant engineer
Mickey Houlihan engineer
Nancy Rumbel english horn
Paul Briggs mix assistant
Paul Halley organ
Paul Halley piano
Paul Winter producer
Paul Winter sarrusophone
Paul Winter soprano sax
Paul Winter talking drum
Randy Ezratty assistant engineer
Robert Chappell bass
Robert Chappell organ
Robert Chappell synthesizer
Robert Chappell tambora
Roger Payne producer
Steve Gadd caixa
Steve Gadd percussion
Steve Gadd surdo
Ted Moore percussion
Ted Moore tambora
Tom Lewis assistant engineer
Tom Lewis edit
Tom Lewis mix assistant
Viki Sylva harmonium

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