Tom Scott

Scott told Billboard that he "loves the stimulation of playing with other people. It's not boring. Once you decide what the notes are, then it's the performance; I want a perfect performance and I zero in on it in terms of decay, matching vibrato, dynamics and all the areas that make up the music... I start listening to the rest of the orchestra...what the second violin is doing...what's the percussion doing...sitting next to Bud Shank or Plas Johnson I benefit by watching how they blow, how they psychologically set themselves to make each take perfect. Work a Quincy Jones you couldn't pay for those orchestration lessons. To see how their minds work, how their creative ideas are generated is always a tremendous education."

Tom Scott toured with Carole King in 1973 which led to his extended sax solo on her song "Jazzman."

Tom Cat New Music On Ode Records
Tom Scott On Ode Records

  1. Saxist Scott. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, May 3, 1975.
Recording Years / Label
1974-1975 -  Ode Records
1971-1972 -  A&M Records
sax, flute, reeds

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