Reggatta de Blanc - Police

Stock Number
SP 3713
SP 03714-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1979-10 -17
Recording Notes
Two 10" records in gatefold, poster
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Message In a Bottle 00:04:49
2 Reggatta de Blanc 00:03:14
3 It's Alright For You 00:03:05
4 Bring On the Night 00:04:16
5 Deathwish 00:04:13
6 Walking On the Moon 00:04:59
7 On Any Other Day 00:02:56
8 The Bed's Too Big Without You 00:04:24
9 Contact 00:02:39
10 Does Everyone Stare 00:03:49
11 No Time This Time 00:03:18
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Ludwig mastering
Brendan Morris tape research
David Foster tape research
David Lascelles tape research
James Wedge photography
Jane Hitchin tape research
Janette Beckman photography
Margaret Goldfarb coordination
Meire Murakami reissue design
Michael Ross art direction
Michael Ross design
Miles Showell reissue mastering
Nigel Gray engineer
Nigel Gray producer
Police arranger
Police producer
Randy Aronson tape research
Vartan Kurjian reissue art direction
Zoe Roberts tape research

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