Live In Concert With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Procol Harum

Stock Number
SP 4335
SP 4571--SP 4572
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1972-4
Recording Notes
Chrysalis logo on cover and label.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Conquistador 00:04:16
2 Whaling Stories 00:07:41
3 A Salty Dog 00:05:37
4 All This and More 00:04:23
5 In Held Twas I 00:19:11
6 Glimpse Of Nirvana 00:00:00
7 Twas Teatime At the Circus 00:00:00
8 In the Autumn Of My Madness 00:00:00
9 Look to Your Soul 00:00:00
10 The Grand Finale 00:00:00
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Pop Albums 5 1972-5-13
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Cartwright bass
B. J. Wilson drums
Bruce Meek cover art
Chris Copping harpsichord
Chris Copping organ
Chris Thomas producer
Da Camera Singers vocal
Dave Ball guitar
Derek Sutton coordination
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra orchestra
Gary Brooker liner notes
Gary Brooker piano
Gary Brooker vocal
Jim Parker orchestration
Ray Thompson engineer
Wally Heider engineer

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