Rise and Shine - Raffi

Stock Number
SL 0223
Shoreline Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Rise and Shine 00:02:04
2 Walk, Walk, Walk 00:02:03
3 Thumbelina 00:01:50
4 Wheels on the Bus 00:01:34
5 Daniel 00:03:19
6 Five Little Ducks 00:02:14
7 He's Got the Whole World 00:02:12
8 Big Beautiful Planet 00:02:41
9 I'm in the Mood 00:03:00
10 Something in My Shoe 00:02:29
11 Michaud 00:01:26
12 Nursery Rhyme Instrumental 00:01:14
13 Tete. Epaules 00:00:41
14 Let's Do the Numbers Rumba 00:02:02
15 Ducks Like Rain 00:01:17
16 Row, Row, Row 00:01:19
17 This Little Light Of Mine 00:01:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Bucky Berger drums
Cathy Ambrose piano
Chad Irschick bass
Chad Irschick engineer
Chad Irschick mix
Charity Brown vocal
Chris Whiteley harmonica
Daphne Pike vocal
David McMorrow organ
David McMorrow synthesizer
Debi Pike vocal
Dick Smith bongos
Dick Smith tambourine
Dick Smith vibraslap
Ellen Herskowitz vocal
Erica Goodman harp
Herbie Koffman trumpet
Jessica McGregor vocal
Kathryn Moses flute
Kathryn Moses soprano sax
Ken Whiteley banjo
Ken Whiteley guitar
Ken Whiteley harmonica
Ken Whiteley jug
Ken Whiteley kazoo
Ken Whiteley mandolin
Ken Whiteley mix
Ken Whiteley organ
Ken Whiteley piano
Ken Whiteley producer
Ken Whiteley slide guitar
Ken Whiteley vocal
Ken Whiteley washboard
Lanes Overholt vocal
Melanie Damien vocal
Raffi guitar
Raffi kazoo
Raffi mix
Raffi producer
Raffi vocal
Scott Thornley cover art
Scott Thornley design
Shin Sugino photography
Terry Wilkins bass
Tom Szczesniak accordion
Tom Szczesniak bass
Tom Szczesniak piano

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