The Vigilante - Raheem

Stock Number
CD 5212
A&M Records
CD album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dance Floor 00:03:25
2 Freak to Me 00:03:12
3 I'm Mackin' 00:04:28
4 Punks Give Me Respect 00:04:43
5 You're the Greatest 00:04:09
6 Shotgun 00:04:49
7 The Vigilante 00:04:19
8 You're On Notice 00:03:25
9 Peace 00:04:10
10 Say No 00:04:07
Credit Sort descending Role
Chris Bellman mastering
Cliff Blodget executive producer
Cliff Blodget mix
David Reeves co-producer
Eve Woodard guitar
James Smith executive producer
James Smith producer
Karl Stephenson mix
Karl Stephenson percussion
Karl Stephenson producer
Mary Page artwork
Roy Ashen guitar

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