White Rock - Rick Wakeman

Stock Number
AMLS 64614
A&M Records
South Africa
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 White Rock 00:03:10
2 Searching For Gold 00:04:20
3 The Loser 00:05:30
4 The Shoot 00:03:59
5 Lax'x 00:04:53
6 After the Ball 00:03:03
7 Montezuma's Revenge 00:03:55
8 Ice Run 00:06:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Ken Thomas tape operator
Paul Hardiman engineer
Richard Lewzey engineer
Rick Wakeman arranger
Rick Wakeman clavinet
Rick Wakeman harpsichord
Rick Wakeman marimba
Rick Wakeman mellotron
Rick Wakeman Moog
Rick Wakeman organ
Rick Wakeman piano
Rick Wakeman producer
St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir vocal
Tony Fernandez percussion

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