Rita Coolidge TV Show Appearances

Rita Coolidge guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 57 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Warwick & Friends 1985 Higher and Higher/I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love
Cover Story 1984-11-18 Interview
Ladybirds 1984-9-15
Mike Douglas Presents 1984
Entertainment Tonight 1983-7-1 Interview
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-8-1 All Time High
Salute! 1983-10-15
Musikladen 1983-9-8 All Time High
Laugh Trax 1982-5
Glen Campbell Music Show 1982
Entertainment Tonight 1981-12-4 Interview
Val Doonican Music Show 1981-5-30
Toni Tennille Show 1980-9-15 Walk on In
Merv Griffin Show 1980-8-6
Solid Gold 1980-2-28
Merv Griffin Show 1980-2-19
Dinah! 1980-2-18 I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love
Music for UNICEF: a Gift of Song 1979 You've Got a Friend
Grammy Awards 1979-2-15
Dinah! 1979-11-5 One Fine Day
Midnight Special 1979-12-21 I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love/Higher and Higher (Your Love Has Lifted Me)/The Way You Do the Things You Do
Tokyo 1979 Don't Cry Out Loud
Muppet Show 1978-11-18 We're All Alone
Salute to American Imagination 1978-10-5
Midnight Special 1978-9-29 You (music video)
Donnie and Marie 1978-9-29
Donahue 1978-9-27
Midnight Special 1978-4-28 The Way You Do the Things You Do/Words
Donnie and Marie 1978-2-14 Higher and Higher (Your Love Has Lifted Me)/You
Tonight Show 1978-1-2
Top of the Pops 1978-3-2 Words
Mike Douglas Show 1977-11-4 The Man I Love
Top of the Pops 1977-8-11 We're All Alone
Top of the Pops 1977-7-28 We're All Alone
Top of the Pops 1977-7-14 We're All Alone
Merv Griffin Show 1976-5-4
Dinah! 1976-5-27 Black Coffee/Mean to Me
Midnight Special 1976-7-9 I Feel the Burden/Hula Hoop/Taking It All in Stride/Yellow Beach Umbrella
Saturday Night Live 1976-7-31
Dinah! 1975-7-25 Nobody Wins
Smothers Brothers Show 1975-5-5
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-5-2
Dinah! 1975-4-24 For the Good Times
Hoyt Axton Country Western Boogie Woogie Gospel Rock and Roll Show 1975-3
In Concert 1975-2-28
Grammy Awards 1975-2-23
Country Music Association Awards 1974
Tonight Show 1973-3-26
Old Grey Whistle Test 1973-12-20
Real George Carlin 1973-8
Midnight Special 1973-6-29 I'll Be Your Baby/My Crew
Get to Know 1973-3-14
Old Grey Whistle Test 1972-5-23
Flip 1972-12-12
Grammy Awards 1972-3-24
Rittor Music
Dance Fever I'm Coming Home