Ron Davies

"Ron was signed to a publishing company called Trident Records in San Francisco. And I [Gail Davies, Ron's sister] was 17; he was 19. He took me on my first plane ride from Seattle to San Francisco. It was like 1967 or something. We did some recording for Frank Werber. He owned Trident Records, and he had the Kingston Trio and the We Five, you know, all of the hip folk-rock bands that were going on at that time. …His publishing company was taken over by Irving Almo of A&M Records. Ronnie came down to L.A. One rainy night I hear this knock on my door. … I open the door and there’s my brother. He said, “I’m going to go to A&M and play some of my new songs, because I’m trying to get a publishing deal. They own part of my publishing now. Would you go with me?” So I said, “Yeah.” We practiced his songs ‘til the sun came up. Then we went to A&M and we met Chuck Kaye and Jerry Moss, and we started singing together and they just flipped. They signed Ron to a publishing deal and signed us both to A&M Records. So that was sort of the kickoff of both of our careers."--Gail Davies


Signed with A&M Records in May 1970.

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Recording Years / Label
1970-1973 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar

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