Paul Winter Consort

Recording Years / Label
1969-1970 -  A&M Records
1985 -  Living Music
Name Member Years Instruments
Colin Walcott 1969-1977 tabula, percussion
David Darling 1969-1977 cello
Glen Moore 1969-1977 bass
Paul McCandless 1969-1977 oboe, English horn
Paul Winter 1969-1977 sax, violin
Ralph Towner 1969-1977 guitar
Name Birth Death
Colin Walcott 1945-04-24 1984-11-08
David Darling 1941-03-04
Glen Moore 1941-10-28
Paul McCandless 1947-05-24
Paul Winter 1939-08-31
Ralph Towner 1940-03-01
Name See associated acts
Paul McCandless Paul McCandless
Paul Winter Paul Winter & FriendsPaul Winter

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