Dive - Sarah Brightman

Stock Number
31454 0083
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1993-4 -20
Recording Notes
Deleted 1/13/2021
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dive 00:00:54
2 Captain Nemo 00:05:16
3 The Second Element 00:04:14
4 Ship Of Fools 00:02:23
5 Once in a Lifetime 00:04:21
6 Cape Horn 00:00:49
7 A Salty Dog 00:03:49
8 Siren 00:01:14
9 Seven Seas 00:04:09
10 Johnny Wanna Live 00:04:40
11 By Now 00:03:22
12 Island 00:04:22
13 When It Rains in America 00:03:42
14 La Mer 00:03:33
15 The Second Element II 00:04:49
Credit Sort descending Role
A.L.W.--Tour Ensemble background vocal
Ben Huellenkraemer bass
Dave Collins mastering
Frank Peterson arranger
Frank Peterson background vocal
Frank Peterson drums
Frank Peterson engineer
Frank Peterson keyboards
Frank Peterson mix
Frank Peterson producer
Gunther Laudahn background vocal
Gunther Laudahn guitar
London Community Gospel Choir background vocal
Matt Howe overdubs
Matthias Meissner arranger
Matthias Meissner keyboards
Michael Wehr arranger
Michael Wehr engineer
Michael Wehr mix
Peter Weihe guitar
Sarah Brightman background vocal
Sarah Brightman keyboards
Sarah Brightman producer
Sarah Brightman vocal
Simon Fowler photography
Sisters of Oz background vocal
Stylorouge art direction
Stylorouge design
Thomas Schwarz arranger
Thomas Schwarz background vocal
Thomas Schwarz guitar
Tom Leonhardt guitar
Udo Dahmen drums

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