You’re My One and Only (True Love) - Seduction

Stock Number
VE 7024
VE 07024-A/B
Vendetta Records
United States
Released: 1989-7 -25
Recording Notes
First use of UPC bar code on label.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 True Love (You're My One and Only) (Vocal Club Mix) 00:07:08
2 True Love (You're My One and Only) (Rap Version) 00:06:35
3 True Love (You're My One and Only) (New York House Mix 1) 00:06:57
4 True Love (You're My One and Only) (New York House Mix 2) 00:07:37
Credit Sort descending Role
Anthony Sanfilippo executive producer
Bruce Carbone executive producer
David Cole arranger
David Cole mix
David Cole producer
Frederick Williams rap
Frederick Williams vocal
Herb Powers, Jr. mastering
Jose Rodriguez mastering
Larry Yasgar executive producer
Luie Rivera edit
Luie Rivera mix editor
Omar Carrasquilla mix editor
Robert Clivilles arranger
Robert Clivilles mix
Robert Clivilles producer
Roger Pauletta mix editor
Steve Griffin engineer
Steve Griffin mix

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