Signed with A&M Records Canada in April 1984.

Of the debut album Stand Back, J.P. Guilbert, A&M Canada's Director of Promotion, told RPM, "We don't hold listening sessions on just any album. We have them on the release that deserve the attention. We think we have a great piece of product with The Arrows. The album speaks for itself. We have session when we know the music is there. With The Arrows, we think we have a hit...You have to make people aware of good product. Listening sessions show our commitment and gives people a chance to share in the excitement."

The album was recorded between the summer of 1983 and January 1984.

"Meet Me in the Middle" won a PRO Award in Canada (Performing Rights Organization of Canada).

The Arrows were Juno Award nominees in 1984 as the Most Promising New Group, Best Album Graphics (Dean Motter) and Producer Of the Year (David Tyson).

The second album The Lines Are Open outsold the debut album in just three weeks.

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Recording Years / Label
1984-1986 -  A&M Records
1981 -  El Mocambo Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Dean McTaggart 1984-1985 vocals
Doug Macaskill 1984-1985 guitars
Earl Seymour 1984-1985 tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Rob Gusevs 1984-1985 keyboards
Bobby Economou 1985 drums
Glenn Olive 1985 bass
Name Birth Death
Dean McTaggart
Doug Macaskill
Earl Seymour 1951-09-13 1999-09-28
Rob Gusevs
Bobby Economou
Glenn Olive

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