Sergio Mendes Discography

There are 202 releases for Sergio Mendes. Click below for detailed information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A Arte de Sergio Mendes

A&M Classics

A&M Gold Series

A&M Sounds Capsule

A&M Startrax




Brasil '86


Carnaval/Dream Hunter

Carnaval/Un Loco Dia

Carnival/Cazador de Suenos

Classic Sergio Mendes

Classics Collection Vol. 18

Colour Collection


Dance Attack

Dance Attack/Confetti

Depende de Nos

Gold Series

Gold Superdisc

Greatest Hits

Let's Give a Little More This Time/Confetti

Let's Give This a Little More Time/Confetti

Live At the Greek Carnival

Look Around

Los Grandes Exitos de

Love Is Waiting

Mas Que Nada

Mi Historia

Millennium Edition

My Summer Love

My Summer Love/Life In the Movies

Never Gonna Let You Go

Never Gonna Let You Go/Carnaval

Never Gonna Let You Go/Carnaval/My Summer Love

Never Gonna Let You Go/Carnival

Never Gonna Let You Go/Nunca Mas Diras/Si Senor

Never Gonna Let You Go/Rainbow's End

Never Gonna Let You Go/Si, Senor

Never Gonna Let You Go/Voodoo

Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go/Carnaval


Non-Stop/Flower Of Bahia


Nonstop/Flower Of Bahia

Nonstop/Flower Of Bahia/Never Gonna Let You Go

Nonstop/Take This Love

Nonstop/Take This Love/Never Gonna Let You Go

Nunca Mas Diras Adios/Brujo

Nunca Mas Diras Adios/Si Senor




Portrait Of Sergio Mendes

Rainbow's End/Carnaval

Rainbow's End/Life In the Movies

Rainbow's End/Si Senor

Rainbow's End/Voodoo

Real Life/Confetti

Sergio Mendes

Super Max 20

Take This Love/Your Smile

The Best 1000

The Essential Sergio Mendes

The Swinger From Rio: Favorites

Very Best Of

Voo Doo/Dreamhunter

Voo Doo/Never Gonna Let You Go


What Do We Mean to Each Other/Flower Of Bahia