Light Outside That Door - Shad Weathersby

Stock Number
DC 3004
Dancing Cat Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1984
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Louisiana 00:03:10
2 Second Line 00:01:17
3 Flannel and Corduroy 00:04:53
4 New Orleans Dos and Dos 00:03:04
5 Andy's Song 00:02:28
6 Bring Your Daddy Home 00:02:52
7 Sandman 00:01:34
8 Buttons 00:03:22
9 Light Outside That Door 00:03:06
10 Brother-In-Law's Shoes 00:03:28
11 Growler Man 00:03:09
12 1951 Throwback Man 00:03:32
Credit Sort descending Role
Alvin Tyler horn arrangement
Alvin Tyler sax
David Peters drums
David Peters percussion
Frosty Horton bass
Frosty Horton producer
Frosty Horton vocal
George Winston accordion
George Winston harmonica
George Winston piano
John Meunier guitar
John Meunier vocal
Sam Broussard guitar
Shad Weathersby guitar
Shad Weathersby vocal

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