Recording Years / Label
1997-1999 -  Almo Sounds
Name Member Years Instruments
Asdru Sierra trumpet, vocals
Charles Stewart (Chali 2na) vocals
Jiro Yamaguchi percussion
Jose Espinoza sax
Justin 'Nino' Poree percussion
Lucas McFadden (Cut-Chemist) DJ, turntables
Pablo Castorena trombone
Raul Pacheco guitar, vocals
Ulises Bella sax
Wil-Dog Abers bass
William Marrufo durms, vocals
Name Birth Death
Asdru Sierra 1972-05-04
Charles Stewart (Chali 2na) 1971-06-26
Jiro Yamaguchi 1967-10-04
Jose Espinoza 1973-11-20
Justin 'Nino' Poree 1976-02-14
Lucas McFadden (Cut-Chemist) 1972-10-04
Pablo Castorena
Raul Pacheco 1969-01-09
Ulises Bella 1975-03-15
Wil-Dog Abers 1973-02-24
William Marrufo

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