Soundgarden Compilation Releases

There are 140 compilation releases for Soundgarden. Click the links for the general discography then click the stock number link for detailed information including tracks and personnel credits.

A&M 50: the Anniversary Collection

A&M Radio Sampler March 7, 1994

A&M Radio Sampler Vol. 4 April 20, 1992

A&M Radio Sampler Vol. 4 May 16, 1994

A&M Records Convention Relief

A&M Records September Releases

All Fired Up! Vol. 1 A&M Hard Rock Special CD Sampler


Cheap At Half the Price

Chris Cornell

College Music Jukebox A&M Presents Vol. 2

Deep Six

Faster, A&M! Kill! Kill!

Flying In the Face Of Convention

How Many Cats Can You Fit In a Bucket?

I Think Therefore I A&M

Million Dollar Sound Sampler

Pave the Earth

Pre-Releases Vol. 6

Radio Sampler Vol. 1

Radio Sampler Vol. 2

Radio Sampler Volume 7

Ring In the New Year

Road Rash



The 1992 Electoral Blast!

This Is Not the Age Of Aquarius

Versus Music Collection

Volume Head