I Think Therefore I A&M

Stock Number
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1994
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Gun 1 Don't Say It's Over 00:00:00
Soundgarden 2 My Wave 00:00:00
Paw 3 Surrender 00:00:00
Redd Kross 4 Yesterday Once More 00:00:00
Sonic Youth 5 Superstar 00:00:00
Dodgy 6 Staying Out For the Summer 00:00:00
Sounds Of Blackness 7 The Harder They Are the Bigger They Fall 00:00:00
Loni Clark 8 Love's Got Me (On a Trip So High) 00:00:00
The Underground Beat Alliance 9 Jump And Kick Out 00:00:00
Amy Grant 10 Say You'll Be Mine 00:00:00
Jan Johnston 11 Don't Make Promises 00:00:00
Jimmy And The Duke 12 Give a Dog a Bone 00:00:00
Barry White 13 Practice What You Preach 00:00:00

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