Soundgarden Discography

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4 Track Sampler

5 Classic Albums

A Sides Interview CD


A-Sides Sampler

Alive In the Superunknown



Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun/Beyond the Wheel/Spoonman

Black Hole Sun/Kickstand/Like Suicide

Black Hole Sun/Spoonman

Black Hole Sun/Spoonman/The Day I Tried to Love

Black Rain

Bleed Together

Blow Up the Outside World

Blow Up the Outside World/Dusty/Get On the Snake/Slice Of Spacejam

Blow Up the Outside World/Dusty/Gun

Blow Up the Outside World/Get On the Snake

Blow Up the Outside World/Slice Of Space/Get On the Snake/Gun

Burden In My Hand

Burden In My Hand/Bleed Together/She's a Politician

Burden In My Hand/Karaoke

Burden In My Hand/Karaoke/Bleed Together

Burden On My Hand/Mother, Mother

Cold Bitch/Exit Stonehenge

Down On the Upside

Down On the Upside 4 Track Album Sampler

Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path

Fell On Black Days

Fell On Black Days/Fell On Black Days/Girl U Want/Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard/Motorcycle Loop

Fell On Black Days/Jesus Christ Pose/Hands All Over

Fell On Black Days/Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard/Motorcycle Loop

Fell On Black Days/My Wave


Get On the Snake

Hands All Over

Hands All Over/Come Together

Hands All Over/Come Together/Heretic/Big Dumb Sex

Into the Upside: Soundgarden Interview With Eleven's Alain & Natasha

Jesus Christ Pose

Jesus Christ Pose/Drawing Flies

Jesus Christ Pose/Stray Cat Blues

Let Me Drown

Like Suicide

Limo Wreck

Live On I-5

Loud Love

Loud Love/Big Dumb Sex/Get On the Snake/Fresh Deadly Roses

Loud Love/Big Dumb Sex/Get On the Snake/Roses

Loud Love/Heretic

Louder Than Love

Louder Than Love/Badmotorfinger

Loudest Love

My Wave


Outshined/Cold Bitch

Outshined/I Can't Give You Anything

Pretty Noose

Pretty Noose/Jerry Garcia's Finger/Applebite/An Unkind

Room a Thousand Years Wide

Rusty Cage

Rusty Cage/Touch Me

Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Songs From the Superunknown


Spoonman/Fresh Tendrils

Spoonman/Fresh Tendrils/Cold Bitch/Exit Stonehenge