Soundgarden Discography

There are 307 recordings for Soundgarden. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.

4 Track Sampler

5 Classic Albums

A Sides Interview CD


A-Sides Sampler

Alive In the Superunknown



Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun/Beyond the Wheel/Spoonman

Black Hole Sun/Kickstand/Like Suicide

Black Hole Sun/Spoonman

Black Hole Sun/Spoonman/The Day I Tried to Love

Black Rain

Bleed Together

Blow Up the Outside World

Blow Up the Outside World/Dusty/Get On the Snake/Slice Of Spacejam

Blow Up the Outside World/Dusty/Gun

Blow Up the Outside World/Get On the Snake

Blow Up the Outside World/Slice Of Space/Get On the Snake/Gun

Burden In My Hand

Burden In My Hand/Bleed Together/She’s a Politician

Burden In My Hand/Karaoke

Burden In My Hand/Karaoke/Bleed Together

Burden On My Hand/Mother, Mother

Cold Bitch/Exit Stonehenge

Down On the Upside

Down On the Upside 4 Track Album Sampler

Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path

Fell On Black Days

Fell On Black Days/Fell On Black Days/Girl U Want/Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard/Motorcycle Loop

Fell On Black Days/Jesus Christ Pose/Hands All Over

Fell On Black Days/Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard/Motorcycle Loop

Fell On Black Days/My Wave


Get On the Snake

Hands All Over

Hands All Over/Come Together

Hands All Over/Come Together/Heretic/Big Dumb Sex

Into the Upside: Soundgarden Interview With Eleven’s Alain & Natasha

Jesus Christ Pose

Jesus Christ Pose/Drawing Flies

Jesus Christ Pose/Stray Cat Blues

Let Me Drown

Like Suicide

Limo Wreck

Live On I-5

Loud Love

Loud Love/Big Dumb Sex/Get On the Snake/Fresh Deadly Roses

Loud Love/Big Dumb Sex/Get On the Snake/Roses

Loud Love/Heretic

Louder Than Love

Louder Than Love/Badmotorfinger

Loudest Love

My Wave


Outshined/Cold Bitch

Outshined/I Can’t Give You Anything

Pretty Noose

Pretty Noose/Jerry Garcia’s Finger/Applebite/An Unkind

Room a Thousand Years Wide

Rusty Cage

Rusty Cage/Touch Me

Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Songs From the Superunknown


Spoonman/Fresh Tendrils