Spider Concerts

Spider performed 38 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Bournemouth, England Winter Gardens 1984-3-27
Peterborough, England Key Theatre 1984-7-22
Leeds, England Leeds University 1984-3-23
Cambridge, England Sea Cadet Hall 1984-7-23
Blackburn, England King George's Hall 1984-3-24
Newark, England Palace Theatre 1984-7-24
Liverpool, England Royal Court 1984-3-25
Norwich, England St. Andrew's Hall 1984-7-25
Bristol, England Colston Hall 1984-3-26
Colchester, England Woods Centre 1984-7-26
Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse 1984-3-22
Tunbridge Wells, England Assembly Rooms 1984-7-27
London, England Hammersmith Odeon 1984-3-28
Brighton, England Pavilion 1984-7-28
Ipswich, England Gaumont 1984-3-29
Oxford, England City Supporters Rock Club 1984-7-29
Thatcham, England Silks 1984-7-30
Swansea, England Marina Nite Spot 1984-7-31
Whitehaven, England Whitehouse 1984-7-1
Glasgow, Scotland Venue 1984-7-13
London, England Lyceum 1984-8-2
Bournemouth, England Blue Bird Rock Club 1984-8-4
Bristol, England Granary 1984-8-5
Blackpool, England Bier Keller 1984-8-7
Liverpool, England Bier Keller 1984-8-8
Preston, England Clouds 1984-8-9
Sunderland, England Barbary Coast 1984-7-10
Whitehaven, England Whitehouse 1984-7-11
Middlesborough, England Town Hall 1984-7-12
Cardiff, Wales New Ocean 1984-8-1
Wishaw, Scotland Heathery Bar 1984-7-14
Dumfries, Scotland Oasis 1984-7-15
Edinburgh, Scotland Nite Club 1984-7-16
Carlisle, England Stars and Stripes 1984-7-17
Manchester, England Gallery 1984-7-19
Leicester, England Leicester University 1984-3-20
Cleethorpes, England Winter Gardens 1984-7-20
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Mayfair Ballroom 1984-3-21