Styx Discography

There are 643 releases for Styx. Click below for detailed information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

5 Classic Albums

A Collection Of Styx

A Collection of...Radio Sampler

A&M Gold Series

A&M New Gold Series


Babe/Boat On the Water

Babe/Great White Hope

Babe/I'm O.K.

Babe/I’m O.K.

Babe/Mr. Roboto/Boat On the River


Babe/Why Me

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)/Superstars

Blue Collar Man/Aku-Aku

Blue Collar Man/Lorelei

Blue Collar Man/Superstars

Boat On the River

Boat On the River/Babe

Boat On the River/Borrowed Time

Boat On the River/Come Sail Away

Boat On the River/Eddie

Boat On the River/Rockin' the Paradise

Borrowed Time/Eddie

Carrie Ann/Love Is the Ritual

Caught In the Act Live

Caught In the Act Live Vol. 1

Caught In the Act Live Vol. 2

Caught In the Act Live Volume 1

Caught In the Act Vol. I

Caught In the Act Vol. II


Classics Collection Vol. 15

Classics Collection Vol. 9

Cold War

Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away: the Styx Anthology

Come Sail Away/Fooling Yourself

Come Sail Away/Put Me On

Compact Hits


Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball/Put Me On

Crystal Ball/Shooz

Disco Mix

Don't Let It End/Rockin' the Paradise (A.D. 1928)

Eddie/Borrowed Time


Equinox/The Grand Illusion

Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man)

Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man)/The Grand Finale