Styx TV Show Appearances

Styx made 21 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Behind the Music 2000-8-13
Into the Night 1991-3-7 Edge of the Century/Show Me the Way
Tonight Show 1991-3-12 Show Me the Way
Arsenio Hall Show 1990-9-13 Show Me the Way/Lady
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-2-21 Mr. Roboto/James Young interview
Top Of the Pops 1983-3-23 Mr. Roboto
Entertainment Tonight 1983-7-4
Studio 3 1981-3-18 The Best of Times
Mandagsborsen 1981-9-8
Rockpop 1980-1-5 Boat on the River
Top Of the Pops 1980-1-17 Babe
Rockpop 1980-6-21 Babe/Lights
Studio 3 1979-12-12 Borrowed Time
Midnight Special 1977-10-28 Come Sail Away/Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1977-10-23
Young Music Show
Cornerstone promo A&M Records
MTv Kilroy Was Here/Interview
Rick Dees Show Me the Way/Not Dead Yet
Pieces Of Eight TV Commercials
Coed Tommy Shaw Interview