Cornerstone - Styx

Stock Number
AMLH 63711
A&M Records
South Africa
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Lights 00:04:37
2 Why Me 00:03:35
3 Babe 00:04:26
4 Never Say Never 00:03:07
5 Boat On the River 00:03:10
6 Borrowed Time 00:04:58
7 First Time 00:04:23
8 Eddie 00:04:15
9 Love In the Midnight 00:05:22
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Rapoport photography
Arnie Roth string arrangement
Chuck Panozzo bass
Chuck Panozzo vocal
Dennis DeYoung keyboards
Dennis DeYoung vocal
Ed Tossing horn arrangement
Gary Loizzo engineer
James Young autoharp
James Young guitar
James Young synthesizer
James Young vocal
Jim Cahill coordination
John Panozzo percussion
John Panozzo vocal
Marc Hauser photography
Mick Haggerty design
Robert Kingsland engineer
Steve Eisen sax
Styx producer
Ted Jensen mastering
Tommy Shaw autoharp
Tommy Shaw guitar
Tommy Shaw mandolin
Tommy Shaw vocal
Tony D’Orio photography

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