Tito Puente and His Latin Ensemble

Recording Years / Label
1983-1988 -  Concord Jazz
Name Member Years Instruments
Tito Puente 1983-1988 vibraphone, drums, percussion, piano, sax
Francisco Aguabella congas
Sonny Bravo piano, vocal
Jorge Dalto piano
Alfredo de la Fe violin
Jimmy Frisaura valve trombone
Ray Gonzales flugelhorn, trumpet
Jerry Gonzalez congas, flugelhorn
Johnny Rodriguez bongos, congas, vocal
Jose Madera congas, timbales
Edgardo Miranda guitar, cuatro
Mario Rivera flute, sax
Bobby Rodriguez bass
John Santos bongos, vocal
Terry Gibbs vibraphone
Name Birth Death
Tito Puente 1923-04-20 2000-05-31
Francisco Aguabella 1925-10-10 2010-05-07
Sonny Bravo
Jorge Dalto 1948-07-07 1987-10-27
Alfredo de la Fe 1954-02-07
Jimmy Frisaura 1924-10-02 1998-02-23
Ray Gonzales
Jerry Gonzalez 0949-06-05 2018-10-01
Johnny Rodriguez
Jose Madera
Edgardo Miranda
Mario Rivera 1939-07-22 2007-08-10
Bobby Rodriguez 1927-05-02 2002-07-29
John Santos
Terry Gibbs 1924-10-13

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