Tom Tom Club

Recording Years / Label
1981-1983 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Adrian Belew 1981 guitar, vocals, bass, cello flute, harmonica
Benjamin Arbrister 1981 bass
Chris Frantz 1981-1983 drums, percussion
Lani Weymouth 1981-1983 vocals
Laura Weymouth 1981-1983 vocals
Monte Brown 1981 guitar
Steven Stanley 1983 percussion, keyboards
Tina Weymouth 1981-1983 bass, vocal
Tyrone Downie 1981-1983 kyeboards
Loric Weymouth 1981 vocal
Alex Weir 1983 guitar
Wally Badarou 1983 keyboards
Raymond Jones 1983 keyboards
Rupert Hine 1983 keyboards
Steve Scales 1983 percussion
Name Birth Death
Adrian Belew 1949-12-23
Benjamin Arbrister
Chris Frantz 1951-05-08
Lani Weymouth
Laura Weymouth
Monte Brown
Steven Stanley 1958-07-11
Tina Weymouth 1950-11-22
Tyrone Downie 1956-05-20 2022-11-05
Loric Weymouth
Alex Weir
Wally Badarou 1955-03-22
Raymond Jones
Rupert Hine 1947-09-21 2020-06-04
Steve Scales
Name See associated acts
Rupert Hine Rupert Hine/Cy CurninRupert Hine

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