Bolt Upright

Signed to A&M Records Canada in May 1974.

Recording Years / Label
1974 -  A&M Records Canada
Name Member Years Instruments
Bolt Upright (Mike O'Reilly) 1974 guitar, banjo, mandolin, Fiddle
Armand Lafontaine (Paul Faubert) 1974
Frankie Tenderly (Billy Daniels) 1974 vocal
Big Vinnie Violletto (Vince Brooks) 1974
Fast Eddie Scardini (Gary Scrutton) 1974
Rocky Vaselino (Gibby Lacasse) 1974 drums
Tyrone Zitwell (Marvin Dolegay) 1974
Name Birth Death
Bolt Upright (Mike O'Reilly)
Armand Lafontaine (Paul Faubert)
Frankie Tenderly (Billy Daniels)
Big Vinnie Violletto (Vince Brooks)
Fast Eddie Scardini (Gary Scrutton)
Rocky Vaselino (Gibby Lacasse)
Tyrone Zitwell (Marvin Dolegay)

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