We Five Discography

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Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Let's Go

Estabas en Mi Recuerdo

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/What's Goin' On

High Flying Bird/What Do I Do Now

Let's Get Together

Let's Get Together/Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Love Me Not Tomorrow/Mornin' I'll Be Movin' On

Make Someone Happy

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Somewhere Beyond the Sea/You Let a Love Burn Out

Somewhere/ There Stands the Door

The First Time/What's Goin' On

The Return Of We Five

There Stands the Door/Somewhere

What Do I Do Now?/High Flying Bird

You Let a Love Burn Out/Somewhere Beyond the Sea

You Were On My Mind

You Were On My Mind/Cast Your Fate to the Wind

You Were On My Mind/Let's Get Together

You Were On My Mind/Let’s Get Together

You Were On My Mind/Small World

You Were On My Mind/Small World/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/If I Were Alone

You Were On My Mind/Somewhere Beyond the Sea