You Were On My Mind - We Five

Stock Number
LP 111
LP 123--LP 124
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1965-7
Recording Notes
Monaural album of SP 4111.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Me Not Tomorrow 00:03:06
2 Somewhere Beyond the Sea 00:02:22
3 My Favorite Things 00:03:12
4 If I Were Alone 00:02:33
5 Tonight 00:02:04
6 Cast Your Fate to the Wind 00:01:58
7 You Were On My Mind 00:02:34
8 Can't Help Falling In Love 00:02:34
9 Small World 00:01:31
10 I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 00:01:50
11 Softly As I Leave You 00:02:40
12 I Can Never Go Home Again 00:02:25
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Top 200 Albums 32 1965-10-16
Credit Sort descending Role
Beverly Bivens lead vocal
Bob Jones guitar
Bob Jones lead vocal
Dennis Hodgson photography
Jack Werber producer
Jerry Burgan guitar
Jerry Burgan lead vocal
Jerry Granelli percussion
John Chambers percussion
Mike Stewart banjo
Mike Stewart guitar
Mike Stewart lead vocal
Pete Fullerton bass
Pete Fullerton lead vocal
Peter Abbott engineer
Peter Whorf Graphics art direction

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