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"Our association with A&M has already begun to bear fruit with the initial release by Valdy. After meeting with each distributor, I am more confident than ever that Haida Records will be an influence on the national record scene."--Keith Lawrence, President Haida Records


"Keith Lawrence has shown he has a keen ear for talent and can direct it to its full potential."--Gerry Lacoursiere, Managing Director A&M Records Canada


Haida Records and A&M Records of Canada entered a distribution agreement in July 1972. Jerry Moss negotiated and completed the deal. A&M would handle all sales through its Toronto office. The agreement ran through 1973.

Haida had also signed a rock group named Spring from Vancouver. A single with the song title "So Far Away" written by Terry Frewer (formerly with Spring) was planned for a February 1973 release. It was never released.



A&M Signs Agreement With Haida Records. RPM, July 22, 1972.
A&M Set For Fall Assault. RPM, October 28, 1972.

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