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Australian record label founded by Michael Gudinski and Ray Evans in 1972. Gudinski met Jerry Moss when the Tijuana Brass toured Australia in the 1960s. Moss said he would help Gudinski. In 1974, Moss licensed the Ayers Rock album Big Red Rock. The funding was sufficient for Ayers Rock to have a U.S. tour and record their Beyond album.

The next artist to come to A&M from Mushroom was Split Enz.

One of Mushrooms subsidiary labels was Oz Records. In 1975 A&M Records had a pact with Oz Records.

Mushroom, Oz and another subsidiary White Label Records brought The Dingoes, The Expression, Tim Finn, Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters & Collectors, Paul Kelly, The Machinations, Mental As Anything and Jo Jo Zep to A&M.

A&M Records Canada and Mushroom Records pact Canada ad

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