"We chose that name because [Joseph] Offenbach was a songwriter and he made people dance, which we were doing at the time we chose the name."--Gerry Boulet, RPM March 12, 1977

Offenbach: Never Too Tender launch In Montreal

Daniel Morrison (A&M Montreal), Gerry Lacoursiere (President A&M), Michel "Willy" Lamothe (Musician), J.P. (A&M National Promotion), Roger "Wezo" Belval (Musician), Doug Chappell (A&M V.P. Promotion), Esquire Show Bar Mgr., Luc Martel (A&M Montreal) Gerry Boulet (Offenbach) Joe Summer (A&M V.P.), Front Johnny Gravel (Musician). In Montreal at the Esquire Show Bar for the launch and showcase of the French album "Chu un Rocker".

Recording Years / Label
1976 -  A&M Records
1976-1977 -  A&M Records Canada
Name Member Years Instruments
Gerald Boulet 1977 keybards, guitar, vocals
Jean Gravel 1977 guitar, vocals
Michael Lamothe 1977 bass, vocals
Roger Belval 1977 drums, vocals
Name Birth Death
Gerald Boulet 1946-03-01 1990-07-18
Jean Gravel
Michael Lamothe
Roger Belval 1948-02-10

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