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Solid Gold Records was founded and owned by Neil Dixon and Steve Propas. They wanted a label that would give greater control over every aspect of a recording plus added leverage in getting new acts onto major labels and the ability to to advertise, promote and work with the artist's schedule. 

"We're not going to have a dozen acts on the label: we have no desire to do so. We'll move each act one at a time, and as each one gets launched and becomes successful, then we'll move on to the next. There's no rush at all."--Neill Dixon, RPM March 29, 1980

Dixon and Propas chose the name Solid Gold because it was memorable and made it sound like the label was established and bigger than a new start-up. 

To be signed to Gold Records, bands had to tour with a sound that matched their recordings; the music had to have substance and longevity, no one-hit wonders. The first act signed was the band Toronto. 

In a buy and sell agreement Solid Gold Records was distributed and promoted by A&M Records of Canada 1979-April 1984. The initial deal was renegotiated in 1982. According to RPM Solid Gold Records was one of the most successful independent record labels in Canada.

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