Radio Sampler Vol. 11 March 1990

Stock Number
A&M Records
Released: 1990-3
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Omar & the Howlers 1 Fire In the Jungle (LP Version) 00:04:02
Giant 2 I'll See You In My Dreams (Edit) 00:04:21
Blue Nile 3 The Downtown Lights (Edit) 00:04:42
Ray Lyell & the Storm 4 Carry Me (Edit) 00:04:22
Seduction 5 Heartbeat (Edit) 00:03:29
Stevie B 6 Love Me For Life (Short Mix) 00:03:47
Bonedaddys 7 New Suit (LP Version) 00:03:59
Del Amitri 8 Kiss This Thing Goodbye 00:04:34
David Wilcox 9 Eye Of the Hurricane (LP Version) 00:03:36
Works 10 Fool to Love You 00:04:14

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