Radio Sampler Vol. 14

Stock Number
COMP 060490
A&M Records
Released: 1990-6 -14
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
John Hiatt 1 Children Of the Wild Blue Yonder 00:04:26
Works 2 Broadway Jane 00:04:26
Zachary Richard 3 Who Stole My Monkey 00:03:37
Richard X. Heyman 4 Call Out the Military 00:03:21
Trip Shakespeare 5 Gone, Gone, Gone (Remix) 00:04:40
Joan Armatrading 6 More Than One Kind Of Love (Edit) 00:04:34
Bang 7 Holding My Heart (LP Version) 00:03:46
Janet Jackson 8 Come Back To Me (Remix) 00:04:58
John James 9 Trust Me (Single Mix) 00:04:05
Lori Ruso 10 Show Off (Single Mix) 00:03:28
Barry White 11 When Will I See You Again 00:05:51
Brat Pack 12 I'm Never Gonna Give You Up (Crossover Radio Mix) 00:03:53

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