Paybacks Are Hell Vendetta's Alternate Mixes Vol. 1

Stock Number
SP 12600
SP 012600-A/B
A&M Records
Released: 1989
Recording Notes
Sticker; Vendetta Records label.
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Denise Lopez 1 Too Much Too Late (The Essential Funk Mix) 00:07:28
Seduction 2 Seduction (My House Mix) 00:06:10
Denise Lopez 3 Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right) (Razor Hot Summer Mix) 00:04:24
Interaction 4 Move to the Beat (remix) 00:06:32
Seduction 5 Devote Yourself (Extended Mix) 00:04:42
Denise Lopez 6 Too Much Too Late (Too Much Of the Dub) 00:05:42

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