If You Don't Play This Sampler

Stock Number
31454 8066
A&M Records
Released: 1996
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Ass Ponys 1 Under Cedars & Stars (LP Version) 00:02:44
Badlees 2 Angeline Is Coming Home (Radio Edit) 00:03:35
Josh Clayton-Felt 3 Window (Edit) 00:04:11
Dishwalla 4 Counting Blue Cars (Edit) 00:04:20
Drill 5 Go to Hell (LP Version) 00:03:49
Gin Blossoms 6 Follow You Down (Edit) 00:03:45
Ashley MacIsaac 7 Sleepy Maggie (Radio Edit) 00:04:33
Matt Goss 8 If You Were Here Tonight (LP Version) 00:04:42
Lustre 9 Kalifornia (LP Version) 00:04:12
Billy Mann 10 Turn Down the World (Edit) 00:04:13
16 Horsepower 11 Black Soul Choir (Edit) 00:03:28
Solo 12 Where Do U Want Me to Put It (LP Edit) 00:03:34
Sovory 13 Did You Mean What You Said (LP Version) 00:04:03
Shawn Stockman 14 Visions Of a sunset (Radio Edit) 00:04:00
Tonic 15 Casual Affair (LP Version) 00:03:33

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