The Record Makers

Stock Number
AMP 25012
Horizon Records
Released: 1983
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Al Green 1 The Lord Will Make a Way 00:00:00
Mighty Clouds Of Joy 2 Everybody Ought to Praise His Name 00:00:00
Don DeGrate Delegation 3 I Don't Wanna Stay Here 00:00:00
Edwin Hawkins 4 Oh Happy Day 00:00:00
Milton Brunson 5 It's Gonna Rain 00:00:00
Leon Patillo 6 Cornerstone 00:00:00
Bobby Jones And New Life 7 Martin 00:00:00
Shirley Caesar 8 Come and Go With Me 00:00:00
New York Community Choir 9 Get In a Hurry 00:00:00
Williams Brothers 10 Don't Doubt the Lord 00:00:00

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