This Music Knows What Month It Is

Stock Number
31454 8033
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1993
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Gatefold cover
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Alexander O’Neal 1 In the Middle 00:00:00
Vertical Hold 2 Seems You're Much Too Busy 00:00:00
Lo-Key? 3 Hey There Pretty Lady 00:00:00
Bobby Ross Avila 4 La La Love (R&B Edit) 00:00:00
Intelligent Hoodlum 5 Grand Groove (Part II) 00:00:00
Alexander O’Neal 6 Lady 00:00:00
Wooten Brothers 7 Happy 00:00:00
Lisa Keith 8 Love Isn't Body, It's Soul 00:00:00
Sounds of Blackness 9 I’m Going All the Way 00:00:00
II Close 10 Call Me Up 00:00:00
Rodney Mannsfield 11 Wanna Make Luv 2 U 00:00:00
Vesta Williams 12 Tell Me 00:00:00
Intelligent Hoodlum 13 The Posse (Shoot 'Em Up) 00:00:00
B.B.O.T.I. 14 One Night Of Freedom 00:00:00
Top Choice Clique 15 I Think To Myself 00:00:00

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