A&M Records August Releases

Stock Number
SP 17851
SP 017851-A/B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1989
Recording Notes
Promotional only
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Innocence Mission 1 Black Sheep Wall 00:00:00
Innocence Mission 2 Wonder Of Birds 00:00:00
David Wilcox 3 Eye Of the Hurricane 00:00:00
David Wilcox 4 Language Of the Heart 00:00:00
Barry White 5 Super Lover (remix) 00:00:00
Barry White 6 Follow That and See (Where It Leads Y’All) (remix) 00:00:00
Giant 7 I’m a Believer 00:00:00
Giant 8 Shake Me Up 00:00:00
Arthur Baker & the Backbeat Disciples 9 2x1 00:00:00
Arthur Baker & the Backbeat Disciples 10 Talk In Over 00:00:00
Mekons 11 Club Memphis 00:00:00
Mekons 12 Memphis, Egypt 00:00:00

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