R&B Hit Kit

Stock Number
SP 8449
SP 9003--SP 9004
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1977
Recording Notes
Promotional only
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Brothers Johnson 1 Runnin' For Your Lovin' 00:00:00
Billy Preston 2 Whole New Thing 00:00:00
Masterplan 3 Beyond a Shadow Of a Doubt 00:00:00
Chuck Mangione 4 Feels So Good 00:00:00
Joan Armatrading 5 Show Some Emotion 00:00:00
John Schuller 6 Come On Girl and Sing With Me 00:00:00
L.T.D. 7 Back In Love Again (Every Time I Turn) 00:00:00
Gato Barbieri 8 Ruby 00:00:00
Hummingbird 9 She Is My Lady 00:00:00
Richie Havens 10 We All Wanna Boogie 00:00:00
Cat Stevens 11 Was Dog a Doughnut 00:00:00

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