Stock Number
WH 0119
WH 0119-A/B
Windham Hill Records
United States
Released: 1989
Recording Notes
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Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Andy Narell 1 Hannibal's Revenge 00:03:59
Turtle Island String Quartet 2 A Night In Tunisia 00:06:12
Kit Walker 3 Natural Habitat 00:05:28
Denny Zeitlin 4 And Then I Wondered If You Knew 00:05:06
Tuck & Patti 5 Better Than Anything 00:03:16
Billy Childs 6 Quiet Girl 00:06:33
Ray Obiedo 7 Sienna 00:05:19
Turtle Island String Quartet 8 Street Stuff 00:03:49
Tuck & Patti 9 They Can't Take That Away From Me 00:03:02
Kit Walker 10 White Crane Spreads Its Wings 00:05:20

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