Amy Grant
 -  Greatest Hits 1986-2004

Stock Number
602498 640982
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2004-10 -12
Track Track Title
1 The Next Time I Fall
2 Stay For Awhile
3 Lead Me On
4 Baby Baby
5 Every Heartbeat
6 That's What Love Is For
7 Good For Me
8 I Will Remember You
9 Grown Up Christmas List
10 Lucky One
11 Say You'll Be Mine
12 House Of Love
13 Big Yellow Taxi
14 The Things We Do for Love
15 Takes a Little Time
16 Simple Things
17 Baby Baby (7” No Getting Over You mix)
18 Baby Baby (7” Heart In Motion mix)
19 That's What Love Is For (7” single mix)
20 Good For Me (7” Good For You mix)
21 I Will Remember You (Rhythm remix)
22 Lucky One remix)
23 Big Yellow Taxi (the paradise mix)
24 House Of Love (Classic Philly Soul mix)
25 House Of Love (Classic Philly Soul mix alternate version)

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